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stone essentials has evolved

since the beginning of stone essentials, we set out to create a product that is simple and accessible to anyone who wanted to enjoy it. with the various platforms we use to provide this accessibility to our customers, we have gained a "masters" in e-commerce and social media. creating an accessible shopping experience for our customers was our number one priority when developing stone essentials. we wanted to ensure that our customer could shop with ease and understand the product that they are purchasing. furthermore with a story like ours, we wanted to communicate this, in a way that preserved the essence of stone essentials, something you deem essential.

as our skillset has evolved ,so has our product! our original product line is now available in additional formats sizes, and in a wide variety of scents! our branding and labeling has also changed to be even simpler for fitting into your living spaces.


many long nights, research, and trial and error has gone into what we now call stone essentials. developing our product was the fun part! when it came to starting a website, we didn't know where to start. questions arose as to what platforms to use, how to integrate shipping, and does this look like "stone essentials." finally a website was launched, and we have now done exactly what we set out to do, make stone essentials simple and accessible to anyone!