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how to upcycle your stone essentials candle jars

if you love candles as much as we do, then we’re sure that you have a big collection of stone essentials candles that have almost been used up. don’t just throw out those jars, upcyle them! in just a few quick steps, we’ll teach you how to clean your jars and give you ideas of how to reuse them. 

1. dig out the wax and wick fastener

using a spoon, carefully remove as much wax as possible. if you wish to use the wax for another project you can set it aside, otherwise, you can dispose of it. next, you’ll need to use the spoon to remove the wick holder fastened to the bottom of your jar.

2. wash up

fill your sink with warm water and soap, then submerge the jar in the soapy water. soy wax has a low melting temperature so you’ll notice that the wax will become detached from the jar within a minute or two. scrub the jar clean using a cloth or sponge. since the jar has become warmer, the label will easily peel off and can be disposed of. don’t forget to make sure to collect the wax floating in your sink before pulling the drain stopper to avoid clogging your drain.

3. dry 

using a soft cloth, dry the jar removing all water residue and set aside for upcycling. 


ideas for upcycling


toiletry storage

jars can be used to hold bathroom vanity or medicine cabinet toiletries which helps maintain a clean and minimal look. 

snack storage

using jars to store snacks can help create visibility and accessibility for easily picking out a tasty treat. 

pen or pencil storage

does it seem like you're always searching around the house for a pen or pencil? it seems super simple, but this is actually a real time saver. keeping your writing utensils in a jar will provide an easy to go for next time you need to jot down a note. 

we hope you were able to get some upcycle inspiration from our blog! feel free to share your upcycle tips with us on facebook, instagram or write to us in the "contact us" section of our website.