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guide for getting the best results from your stone essentials candle



following these three steps will ensure longevity, good performance and cost effectiveness of your stone essentials candle.


1 - keep the wick trimmed

as a kid, when i was hungry, i’d open the fridge and stare blankly into the abyss looking for a snack. my dad would glance over at me and say “the longer the fridge is open, the more quarters are flying out”. ensuring that you trim your wick at least 1/8” inch before each burn is the same thing, kind of. you see, if the flame isn’t trimmed, the wax begins to warm at a faster rate which means you’re basically tossing money away. trimming your wick will ensure that your candle burns longer and safer. before we package our candles for delivery, we pre cut all of our wicks so you don’t have to before your first use. after your first use and before being re-lit, your wick should be maintained at 1/8" inch for top performance. trimming your wick before lighting it is helpful because it ensures that debris doesn't fall into your warm wax.


2 - stay centered

ensure that your wick is in a center position so that it can distribute even scent throughout your room. you can do this by guiding the wick to the centre of the candle. keeping your wick centered ensures that your candle burns evenly to form an even melt pool. if your wick becomes too long or out of place, it might cause your container to overheat and crack. 



3 - wait for your candle to fully melt

i can’t stress how important this step is. wax has “memory” so each time you blow out your candle, it will hold the position it was last in. the first time you burn your candle, you should let it burn for at least two hours or until a wax pool forms to the edge of the glass. once a wax pool has formed then you can blow out your candle. if you blow out your candle before a wax pool is formed all the way to the side, a memory ring will form and the candle will burn unevenly downward after each use.


i hope you found these instructions helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to write to us using our “contact us” section. 

- hunter