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  • why choose soy wax

    health consciousness, environmental sustainability and our customers budget was top of mind when we decided to create our stone essentials candles.
  • how to upcycle your stone essentials candle jars

    if you love candles as much as we do, then we’re sure that you have a big collection of stone essentials candles that have almost been used up. don’t just throw out those jars, upcyle them! in just a few quick steps, we’ll teach you how to clean your jars and give you ideas of how to reuse them. 
  • guide for getting the best results from your stone essentials candle

    following these three steps will ensure longevity, good performance and cost effectiveness of your stone essentials candle.
  • the recipe for the the perfect candle

    candles are a labour of love, and when it comes to producing them from scratch, it's more than wicks and wax. every detail in our candles has been carefully crafted, and created by us!